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Here are a couple of ways we envision the Mindful Biathlon coming to you. We offer either a one off event, or a series of events. We can cater for children with special needs, their siblings, the staff and parents. Together or as separate events. 


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Mindful Biathlon Programs


A mindful walk/jog through a local bush land area encompassing mindful acknowledgement of our surroundings whilst engaging in a healthy activity, thus bringing the Mind and Body together as one in a beneficial union. During this Walk/Jog the kids will learn about native flora and fauna, learn tips and tricks about bushwalking and running through bush trails and tracks, feel the natural beauty and freedom of being out in the serene sanctuary's and hidden gems that are nestled in and around our beautiful home on the Northern Beaches, and engage in curious conversation with one another about the wonders of the outdoors. All while getting the heart rate up a bit by having a jog/walk to increase the individual’s fitness.



An athletic circuit of various exercises that incorporate strength, agility, power, speed and problem solving activities. This circuit will be an out door event at an Oval or indoor gym hall and will be catered to suit each individuals personal ability. The individual will learn teamwork skills and will further their knowledge on a range of topics related to sports and Athletics. Being active, strong, fit and healthy is of prime importance to all of us and it is every human’s birthright to enjoy the opportunity to be the healthiest and fittest person they can be. This program helps give the individual that opportunity to engage in and learn about all things health and fitness related so they can go through their lives confident and strong.


After whichever option is chosen, a YOGA CLASS will then be taken, lead by Pia O'Connor from Young Yogis. Yoga will promote body awareness in a holistic, low impact way. By incorporating a focus on breathing individuals will benefit emotionally, mentally and physically as it calms the nerve system and balances the hormones in the body. Yoga is FUN and there is no “better or worse”, we are all equal and it is 100% an all-positive environment. 


Time for these events are flexible and can be modified to suit your needs. A suggestion would be 45 min + 45 min. 

Fee may vary depending on agreements (numbers/time) however standard guideline is $260 for up to 10 individuals with $25 per additional participant. All materials and sports equipment included. 


Allan Higgins is a personal trainer with a Certificate 4, Level 2 Athletics coach, junior basketball coach. Also studying Certificate 4 in Disability and diploma in Fitness. 


Pia O’Connor is a certified Yoga teacher specialized in Yoga for Children and Yoga Therapy for Children. Pia is also a Primary Ethics Teacher and Children Swim Instructor. 


Please keep in mind that this structure is a suggestion and very flexible, so please feel free to discuss with us any ideas and we would love to accommodate them!

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