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Yoga is appreciated and enjoyed by children of all ages, however a children’s yoga session is very different to an adult’s class. The key to being successful when introducing yoga to children is in the way it is presented to them. 


Young Yogis early childhood yoga programs are fun, fairly dynamic, creative and stimulating to the child’s imagination. Simple breathing exercises and relaxation techniques are always included in order for the children to acquire the art of relaxing the body and learning how to be still and peaceful within themselves.

Our Program

Childcare professionals have discovered this new tool that yoga can be, in helping calm a roomful of excited children. Introducing yoga benefits children’s physical co-ordination, makes them stronger and helps concentration.

Yoga engages the heart, mind and body through its unique blend of physical yoga exercises, social skills games and relaxation. It helps children develop emotional intelligence, communication skills, trust and empathy. It nurtures teamwork and leadership. It provides for a calmer and more productive learning environment.


Why yoga is a wonderful Early Childhood Program: 

- Builds physical strength by encouraging children to use muscles in new ways

- Develops co-ordination

- It is non competitive

- Improves balance 

- Familiarises younger children with concepts of right and left. 

- Helps build self-esteem and confidence 

- Is calming and reduces stress 

- Leads to better health and vitality 

- Encourages children’s imagination and creativity 

- Yoga is fun!

All Young Yogis classes are 100% inclusive, 100% of the time.

Session times are dependent on the age group. Each session can be themed to incorporate and support the education program’s current focus. The sessions are flexible and can be tailored to meet your children’s needs.

Prices are based on session time and group size.  Contact us today for your TRIAL OFFER!!

Programs We've Delivered

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