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Yoga and Mediation provide a holistic approach to health, focusing on a body-mind connection.


Golden Yogis offers classes that are good for everybody regardless of age and degree of fitness.

We believe that regardless of age you can always improving strength and endurance, as well as bring greater balance to life on lots of levels. In one short sentence; If you can breath you can do yoga! 


Starting 12th of March at Zen Collective 10-11am.

Welcome Golden Yogis

Senior Yoga can be adapted for anyone. For those experiencing more problems and immobility, exercises can be adapted and performed in a chair. 

You get to do movements that mobilize the joints, strengthen and give flexibility to the muscles and improve circulation. Breath work and relaxation becomes an opportunity to relief stress and anxiety.


Yoga can play a major positive role the aging process through physical health, mental health, social health & spiritual heath.

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