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Family Life with Yoga

YOUNG YOGIS offers regular Family Yoga sessions to ensure it’s possible for everyone to have a go, and many families are reaping the rewards. Instructor Pia O’Connor believes the many positive values of yoga that support self-growth and encourage self-care, kindness and responsibility – are all wonderful basis for family life.

“It’s very heart warming to see parents use yoga as a way to spend quality time with their children and teens. I love when dads come with their teenage daughter for example. We have even had a few grandparents joining in which is an incredible addition to a family yoga session. It really is for everyone, no one to young – no one too old.”

I would love for the families that come to our classes to feels a sense of community, that it truly is an all inclusive environment and everybody work from their own abilities. At the same time I will make sure they get a good workout and build some healthy strength and flexibility.

No previous yoga experience is required, but a willingness to have fun is a must! We mix the mindfulness, breathing exercises and focus up with lots of games and light heartedness. There is always lots of great belly laughing! Partner exercises as well as some acro-yoga is not uncommon in Young Yogis Family Sessions. There could also be moments of quite chats between each family unit to deepen their intimate experience. A lovely massage before relaxation is pretty much a standard. When in relaxation, family members are free to snuggle up under blankets that are available.

“One memory stays with me, Pia says, of a dad telling me his son hardly ever showed affection towards him and how amazed he was that he wanted to snuggle at the end of the first yoga class they attended.”

“Any healthy activity that families can undertake together is a blessing in this day and age, and Family yoga is the perfect start to our Sunday mornings. A thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding experience for my children and I." says another parent.

Yoga can be done everywhere at anytime, no special clothing is required, not even a yoga mat. You can do family yoga in the park or on the beach. If you are wanting to establish a routine at home, I would recommend starting lightly with short but frequent sessions, 10-15 mins a few times a week. It can include just a couple different poses in the morning you have learnt, or a breathing excise or massage before bedtime. Young Yogis will have lots of helpful links for families on the new website.

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