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When Love Takes Over

I know I somehow manifested that knee injury last year and that I needed the lessons learned along the way of recovering. It was tough and ugly, far from graceful and self-compassionate most of the time. But it took me on the path of deeper self discovery and acceptance.

The running was never a chore or a masking - From the very first time I put one foot in front of the other here on the trails of Australia (strangely I never did trail running in Sweden) I automatically started meditating, using everything I practice on the yoga mat; visualisation, mantras, yoga philosophy etc.

With this approach I am now consciously manifesting and working towards a project on Mindful Running for Adults. Keep eyes and ears open! Feel free to reach out to me at anytime from now till forever :)

Ok, now on to a different angle of getting "Out of our Heads and Into our Heart"

- YOGA & ART for adults.

Don't worry we are still doing this with our young yogis and aspiring artists, and it will always be our life-passion.

But it feel right and important to give back also to the parents. I know for myself that in order to be the mum I truly want to be, I need to rejuvenate and keep coming back to "me, remembering what makes me inspired and letting myself continue to grow".

These Friday evening sessions will start with an hour of YOGA Flow to clear out any cobwebs of minds and free up some space for intuition and creativity. Letting go of any self-judgement or preconception. It will be both soft and strong, mindful but light-hearted and oh so delicious.

That will take us straight on to just that, something yummy to eat and let more of our senses come alive. Please let us know about any dietary requirements, it will be a variety of healthy treats on a grazing plate, paired with a glass of organic wine!

From then on it's all about the art and giving into the creative flow. Carly Casey will have lots of knowledge to share as to how it is so beneficial and healthy for us all to tap into our creativity, no matter of "skill level".

It is not about the end destination, it's about what you experience along the way.

Book in Now, click on image:

Yoga & Art School Holiday Workshop FRESHWATER​

Always looking for a fresh approach, we have created a new series of full day workshops for the July 2019 school holidays to have the kids feeling creative, mindful and confident.

Monday 8th of July + Tuesday 9th of July 10am - 3pm at Harbord Literacy Institute

​These workshops provide the kids with lots of opportunities to express themselves, move and develop self esteem.

It is our major passion and ambition to teach all children healthy skills for life through YOGA & ART.

Any 5-12 year old interested in yoga and art will love it, the days are filled with fun movements and creative art!

Book your Child in now, click on image:

BIG NEWS: I will be holding a FAMILY YOGA workshop at POWER LIVING yoga studio in Neutral Bay.

This workshop really is for everyone, no one to young – no one too old.

No previous yoga experience is required, but a willingness to have fun is a must!

I will mix up the mindfulness, asana practice + breathing exercises with lots of games and light heartedness.

Family Yoga is an all inclusive environment and everybody works from their own abilities, but a good workout and some healthy strength and flexibility is all on offer.

This is a family event at Power Living Australia: kids (5-10 year olds), mums & dads, and the wider family or friends. Light refreshments will be provided after class.

​Members: $15 for kids, parents are FREE Non-Members: $15 for kids and parents (no members discount)

Check it out (click on image). Tell your friends and come PLAY!

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