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Beeswax Wraps Making

Artistic Beeswax Wrap

Even if you opt to order your pizza without the anchovies, please take a second to realise that they are more than the topping of your convenient meal.

These tiny fishes actually have large implications for human health: anchovies are eating tiny pieces of ocean plastic, and because they, in turn, are eaten by larger fish, the toxins in those micro plastics are transferred to fish consumed by humans, and probably you.

So let's do what we can to end the usage of plastic in our daily life!

We are hosting a wonderful opportunity this Saturday 17th of November; making our own stunning piece of art on fabric and turning it into BEESWAX WRAP (=reusable and biodegradable food wrap as alternative to the horrible plastic cling wrap).

A super sweet YOGA session is also part of this afternoon workshop, to open your heart, mind and soul to lead a life for the greater good.

Please join us, come with your child and enjoy!

We will provide you with instructions to take home of how to safely and confidently make beeswax wraps at home too, because we'd love for you to go ahead after the workshop and make more, all sizes and shapes. Perfect christmas gift to!

I bought some organic beeswax from eBay, it was really easy and handy.

Fabric -you can use what you have at home, maybe a skirt you not using anyway or pillow case?

Come to the workshop to practise, get your own unique and useful food wrap, and do some fun yoga! Tell you friends. Together we can impact the level of micro plastics and their chemical signatures winding up on our plates.

GRAB A SPOT AT THE WORKSHOP - click on image below

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