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Face Your fears

The time of Halloween is creeping in and I thought it's a suiting time to talk about 'fear'...

At any age through life we still manage various fears.

Some of the things that bring on a fearful energy vibe for me are; fear for the unknown (future situations, family circumstances), fear of anything bad happening to my children, fear of politicians & religions and their egoistic fight for power causing pain for innocence people, fear of injury and not being able to do the things that make me happy like running and yoga, fear of failure and not being good enough... But when I sit and feel into it, these feelings and the fearful energy vibration subsides. It doesn't actually ever take long. A few breaths. And I start to embrace the things I fear – fear of the outcome, the unknown, the things I simply cannot control. I loosen my grip and realise I much rather keep a playful open heart and trust. It's a feeling of compassion and kindness, which for me equals COURAGE.

I have created a NEW Kids Yoga Class that is available to download for FREE. I hope you have some fun with it and also see it as chance to talk about any fears that might be holding your young yogi and/or yourself back in life.

No Fears. Let's Fly!

Namaste x Pia


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