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Mother Nature is a Life Source, not a Resource

Autumn for me is an amazing time of the year to feel the power of nature and be guided to follow it's circle of change. As the leaves change color and the air turns crisp it's hard not to notice the magic of Mother Earth. Just stepping outside and taking a deep breath can cure fatigue, center focus, inspire new ideas, improve depression and provide a lighter perspective on life.

The falling leaves are encouraging us to let go of habits, thoughts, emotions, relationships etc that no longer serve and support us to grow the way our hearts desire to. I have put together a Kids Yoga Class Plan with all this in mind. Please go ahead and download for FREE and guide your child through it. Click on image!

Free Kids Yoga Class -Celebrate Autumn

For the next Family Yoga Session we will enjoy the one hour class out in nature. Zen Collective is hired for another event and I felt it gave us the perfect opportunity on MOTHERS DAY to actually connect deeper with the energy from Mother Nature herself. I am a strong believer in that we all need to fall in love with nature and we definitely need to pass that on to our children, so that they will look after this planet in the future. Love is the ultimate renewable resource! Children seem to now a days recognise more corporate logos, but fewer plants native to their region and land. I often fear there is a huge gap between our children and nature... Do you agree? I would truly love to hear you take on this. To book a spot, just click on image!

NEW DATES for Kids Night Out, Dreamtime Yoga and Yoga & Art Workshops

+ more coming very soon! Stay connected.

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