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Be part of something bigger than yourself

Research suggests that young individuals are becoming more self-absorb and less connected to others... Research also shows that one of the keys to a meaningful and joyful life is feeling part of something bigger than ourselves! In the upcoming YOGA & ART Workshop on Tuesday 24th + Wednesday 25th of January, THIS will be the topic, and Carly from Art&Co and myself have created a program that is designed to help the children develop empathy, positive relationships and cultivate the skills needed to connect with others. One potentially powerful positive emotion that might just help our children to develop empathy is AWE. I personally find that "being in awe of something" makes me feel very small and like I am in the presence of something greater than myself. I also may lose awareness of my “self” and feel more connected to the world around me. This often happens in nature. But also through music or by witnessing inner strength of a great soul... OR experience an inspiring work of art! Yes, that is why you are invited to come and be in awe of what the children at our workshop will have created together, make an offer and know that the money goes to a charity chosen by the children, helping other children. All for the cause of putting them on a path to a life lived in compassionate connection with others. Awesome!

Everybody is welcome to the auction, wether you have children participating in the workshops or not. Tell your neighbours and colleagues. The young yogis and artists will be thrilled and proud!


Head to event page:


Pia x

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